Home. We are all seeking our way home. The problem is that we don’t know what home looks like. We have lost it. The feel of it. We keep thinking we know what it is yet nothing we find fills us with that sense of belonging, that sense of not having to search anymore.

Millennia ago, all humans were home. We knew the natural world around us, and we did not fear it. We were not separate from it. We understood that the spiritual world and the natural world are one and the same. We understood that the energy that courses through everything we see, feel, touch, taste, and hear emanated from the feminine. We knew that creation, life, death, and rebirth were the natural cycles that every single creature experienced. We did not fear death.

We had no concept of “wild” because the natural world was our home, spiritually, physically, psychologically, and emotionally. That is the home which we seek now. We can’t get there if we remain within Western worldview. It does not exist there. The foundation of Western worldview and culture is fear. It is also control, power, and greed. But those things are all related to fear.

To find home, we must leave the fear behind. We must realize that there is no “wild” in nature. There is only home. And we can get there. We just have to change our perspective, leave Western culture and worldview behind, and experience the world from within Indigenous worldview. Then, we will finally be home. And we will find it has been here all along, waiting for us, welcoming us…home.

Join me on the journey.